Copilot’s Mission

As the founder of Copilot Marketing, Content and SEO I wanted to publish a status update, a history and a mission statement. We’ve been lucky to retain clients since our inception in late 2019 yet attracting new clients has been a struggle in the last 9 months. The reason for that is multi-fold and it comes down to the lack of a mission statement. To fit into our company vernacular, we’ve been flying blind.

Copilot’s mission is as follows – Copilot Marketing, Content and SEO was not founded to make Copilot a ton of money. Copilot was founded to help our clients grow. Our clients are small like us and don’t have the resources for a dedicated marketer, let alone the ability to hire a full service agency. Our job is for them to eventually outgrow us.

Copilot has grown. We have two outstanding employees, one works directly with me to help market Copilot and the other is a PPC/SEO expert.

The name Copilot was chosen carefully. The website goes into more detail, but our clients are ultimately our employers. We know our routine, but they know their industry, their market, and their customers. It’s our job to work alongside them with one hundred percent clarity on what and why we’re doing things.

Working in the small biz world has its challenges, which, as a small business ourselves, we’re familiar with and equipped to handle. That’s it. That’s Copilot Marketing, Content and SEO. Ultimately our goal is to give small businesses marketing support they couldn’t afford otherwise.

Author: Douglas Eldridge

Douglas Eldridge began his career in content in 2003 as an editor at a global newswire. Over the years he has worked in almost every facet of digital marketing, from PPC to ecommerce. When he's not marketing you can find him with his wife, two kids, their dog and a flock of chickens in Denver, Colorado or in the right seat of a Cessna 172 teaching people to fly airplanes.

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