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Hire a team member, not an agency

I began working with small businesses because I quickly learned that I could make a significant difference. Don't get me wrong, working for large companies has its advantages; it's easy to hide out and collect a paycheck and there's nothing like office gossip to fill the day. Real marketing results though? Maybe if you can get through the red tape...

As a pilot I'd take a solo night flight in a single engine Cessna 172 any day over the spacious cockpit of an airliner, because in the former you're really flying. The same concept is behind Copilot Marketing, Content and SEO. There's no autopilot, I step into your company, grab the yoke and market for you!

Why Choose Copilot?

We live to help small businesses thrive! All those hours in small airplanes at small airport has led to an appreciation to the grandiose of small businesses. Which is why we prefer to sit in your right seat rather than a cubicle.



From the right seat we can teach you to fly (market that is) so you can be soloing in no time.

Ground School

Do you invest more in Facebook or Google? Looking for an answer? We can sit down and study the charts.


Looking for an unbiased opinion of your overall or individual facets of you marketing strategy? Let's open the cowling and check it out!

Sky Diving

If you really want to, we'll drop you out of a plane. But, we'll advise against it, as our plane works perfectly.

At Your Service

You built your business. You know what it takes to succeed. Copilot complements your efforts with marketing support to put your story in front of your audience. Whether you are looking for local lead generation or global brand awareness, Copilot works with you to deliver the perfect marketing strategy.


Google Ads, Social Media, Programmatics.


Soar above your competition.


Get Found.

Great Content

Google hates boring.


Want to do it yourself? Let us advise.


If you're brave enough let's push the boundaries together.

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The Crew

Our small team of Doug and Douglas (two handsome people if you ask me) have almost 20 years of marketing experience between them. The dog and chickens have their parts too. We have to eat, after all and we keep our minds sharp with some good old fashioned chicken tic-tac-toe!

Doug Eldridge


Douglas Eldridge




The Flight Team

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